Thanks for an amazingly instructive year!! You have no idea how many times L credits you for having taught her a specific word or skill. Your reading/writing support has been priceless, not to mention your advice and advocacy for the dyslexic community.


I do not know where we would be without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping T. You are the best.


Thank you so much for being kind and patient with my son and for teaching him with kindness and love. He knows you care, and it means the world to him and me.


Thank you again for all your help with N. this year! He had a tremendous year with reading and learning to read! We deeply appreciate your love for N, your interest in his life and your passion to see him read and flourish! We cherish you!


I cant thank you enough for the work youve done with C. I am so glad I found young that C was happy to learn from you. Thope to continue your good work with her after the summer.


Dear Ms. Clare, I love when you read to me. I love hearing stories about kids with learning differences because I have a learning difference.

Love, CP

Clare has taught my child for two years when she was in first and second grade. When I found out that my child had reading difficulties I did a lot of research to find out the best way to help her. The Orton-Gillingham (OG) multisensory method has been around for a long time and it is the most effective way to teach children with learning difficulties. Research has shown, however, that the single most important factor in a student’s educational success is the knowledge and skill of his or her teacher. I knew I wanted to find somebody who was certified in the OG method and that could teach it effectively and with fidelity. If I was going to invest all this time and resources I wanted to find the most qualified person possible.

I had been through several tutors in my area before I found Clare, but the fact that she is certified in OG made all the difference. After the first couple of sessions I knew we had found the right person. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and at the same time caring and encouraging. I have a child that came to her in the beginning of 1st grade not knowing all the letters of the alphabet, today she is on the top of her class in 3rd grade and loves to read. My child never complained about going to the tutoring sessions with Clare because she could see she was learning and that the work was paying off at school. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet or quick fix for a child with learning difficulties when it comes to learning to read, write and spell. It takes a lot of hard work on the part of the child and the teacher, and therefore it is essential that you have the best teacher possible. Clare is this teacher and I can not recommend her enough.

Parent of a 3rd grader in private school

I can’t say enough of how Clare’s teaching changed my world and how I look at myself. Learning differences weren’t addressed back in the 50’s when I was young. I thought that something was wrong with me. I didn’t learn like others, and I felt stupid. School was supposed to be fun and happy. But my school years were built mostly on the fear of doing wrong- always hiding, always staying awake at night worrying about what the next day would be like. No child should have to live or learn that way. I knew that I didn’t hear sounds the way other people did. I spelled the way I heard the word. It usually wasn’t right. I had hearing tests as a child, but nothing was ever found. People took my, “I can’t,” for “I won’t,” and they thought I was being rebellious. I just couldn’t get it the way they were teaching me. Later on, I just quit asking for help and learned to hide the problem. I dropped out before graduation and got married.

Now I know something about auditory processing disorder. It has to do with how the brain processes sounds, and it is different from hearing acuity. Clare taught me to make sense of the sounds in words for reading and spelling. She taught me the rules using all my senses which helped me remember them. This way of learning opened my heart, eyes, and brain, to a whole different world- one that finally made sense. It is a gift that I will cherish in my heart forever. I hope that children like me will find someone like Clare to help them.

J.M. adult student

Delray Beach

When our daughter entered pre-kindergarten we began to notice a change in her disposition. She was increasingly frustrated with academic work. This frustration progressed in kindergarten and first grade. We removed her from traditional school to see if we could determine what may be the issue. After having her evaluated privately, by a licensed school psychologist, it was determined that she was dealing with dyslexia. It was almost impossible to locate a teacher or tutor who was trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching. After a lengthy search we found Clare Ferner. Our daughter was tutored for approximately two years and is now reading on grade level. Clare is the reason our daughter can read and spell. We have recommended her to other families who have also found success for their children through Clare. We highly recommend her.

Parents of Home-Schooler (age 12)

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Hi Clare, We thought you might like to know that Sam has had quite a year. He is definitely not someone who will allow a learning difference to define him. He was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at school and this week also found out he is on the Principal’s list for keeping his grade average at 95. As you can imagine, he’s been working very hard.You were instrumental in helping Sam get a foundation and also an understanding of what his dyslexia means. We will always be grateful.

D.M., Parent of a middle schooler