For Those Who Learn Differently

Clare Ferner, M.Ed.

Educational Services

Do you or someone you know...

  • Have trouble with reading or spelling?
  • Often make letter reversals?
  • Look up words and then have trouble remembering them?
  • Say words in the wrong order or get ideas mixed up when speaking?
  • Avoid reading and writing due to lack of confidence?
  • Have difficulty remembering facts?

Trouble with reading, writing, or spelling?


Are you or they…

  • From a family whose members have similar problems?
  • Of average or above average intelligence?
  • Skilled in other areas such as music, art, mechanics or relating to others?

Building confidence, nurturing hope, and enhancing success

  • Dyslexia

  • Specific Language Disability

  • Reading Disorder

  • Written Language Disorder

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

These all mean the same thing: trouble with learning… the traditional way.

But there IS another way to learn!